Scientific Library

Academic, Foundation, and Industry Collaboration in Finding New Therapies

Bonnie W. Ramsey, Gerald T. Nepom, Sagar Lonial

This paper illustrate how collaborations among academic institutions, foundations, and industry partners may be developed and evolve to address therapeutic challenges.

Interventions to prevent misconduct and promote integrity in research and publication (Review)

Marusic A et al

The effect of any intervention for preventing misconduct and promoting integrity in research and publication is uncertain.

Personalized Medicine vs Guideline-Based Medicine

Jeffrey J. Goldberger and Alfred E. Buxton

Two philosophical approaches to the implementation of optimal health care are emerging—the use of evidence-based guidelines and the application of  personalized (or “precision”) medicine. Even though both approaches have important merits, they both also can present conflicting priorities that must be reconciled be- fore they can be best leveraged.

Research integrity: nine ways to move from talk to walk

Niels Mejlgaard et al

Counselling, coaches and collegiality – how institutions can share resources to promote best practice in science.

The Clinical Investigator: Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered - But Still Beloved

Joseph L. Goldstein and Michael S. Brown

The increasing specialization of science on one hand and the financial demands of managed care on the other are forcing a reconsideration of the role and  importance of physician scientists.

Transforming Evidence Generation to Support Health and Health Care Decisions

Robert M. Califf et al

Strategic, organizational, and technical aspects that must be considered through an assessment of the current landscape of data available to clinicians and patients for use in clinical decision making and the opportunities for enhancing the available body of clinical evidence.