Fondazione Aldo Torsoli

The Fondazione Aldo Torsoli is a no profit organization devoted to research and education in the field of methodology and ethics in clinical research. The Foundation is committed to build  a new culture in clinical research and to promote transparent dissemination.


Our Mission

Mission of the Aldo Torsoli Foundation is to enhance quality of clinical research and education.
There are a number of different subjects contributing to the various steps of clinical research and drug development including institutions, academic medical centers, scientific societies, regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical industry, patients’ associations. Each of these subject express specific expertise and/or represent specific needs. The Fondazione Aldo Torsoli is committed to interact with such a variety of expertise and needs contributing to partner matrix which may evolve in the many areas of clinical research.
The foundation support research in innovative and effective methods of evidence generation
Innovation, integrity, evidence generation and health literacy are key words in the foundation’s activities.

Our Values

Values inspiring operations and initiatives of the Fondazione Aldo Torsoli are collaboration, transparency, humility, innovation, equity, spirit of service.