“fAT21-22” project

This is an educational project aimed at education and dissemination of new knowledge on integrity and innovation in clinical research. During the year 2022 five event are planned addressing the following issues: gender disparity in human disease, evidence based research for evidence based medicine, multimorbidity and the quality of evidence generation, the precision of evidence needed for precision medicine, promoting integrity in clinical research.


Joint Rome Foundation-Fondazione Aldo Torsoli Award

This is a joint initiative for a prize to scientific leaders in the field of functional gastrointestinal disorders
Award winners included in 2019 Professor Roberto Di Giorgio (University of Ferrara Italy), in 2020 Professor Alexander Ford (University of Leeds, Leeds, UK) and in 2021 Professor Carlo Di Lorenzo (Ohio State University, Columbus OH, USA


Torsoli Award

The Torsoli award is a career developing award open to Italian junior scientists active in the field of Gastroenterology.


Promoting Integrity Awards program

The Promoting Integrity Awards program provides grants for innovative research projects exploring novel and untested ideas on quality of evidence generation in clinical science.


Multimorbidity and evidence generation

An educational project is being developed to promote awareness in the clinical science community of the burden of multimorbidity.